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If you're interested in hearing about some of our past churches and ministry work, keep reading.

Case Studies


Case Study

Case Study: Enhancing Church Communication through Consistent, High-Quality Design at Graceland Baptist

February 19, 2023
Introduction At Pixel Painters, we specialize in working with churches and ministries, leveraging our design…
Case Study

Case Study: Enhancing Church Communications through Graphic Design – New Day Church

January 7, 2023
At Pixel Painters, we're proud to share the story of our partnership with New Day…
Case Study

Enhancing Communication at Sojourn East with Pixel Painters

October 12, 2022
Background Sojourn East, a small church with a big heart, was navigating a challenging landscape…
Case Study

The Rebranding of Hope Springs Church with Pixel Painters

September 12, 2022
At Pixel Painters, we've been fortunate to collaborate with various churches and ministries, tailoring our…
Case Study

Agape City Church Launches with the Support of Pixel Painters

August 12, 2022
Pixel Painters is honored to work alongside various churches and ministries, empowering them with professional…
Case Study

Grace Marriage Transforms Communication and Engagement with Pixel Painters

July 12, 2022
Pixel Painters is proud to be the trusted partner of various churches and ministries, assisting…
Case Study

Boosting Visual Communication for All Souls Church with Pixel Painters

June 12, 2022
Pixel Painters is proud to partner with churches and ministries, utilizing our design prowess to…